King Lear Beats Daughter’s Lawyer

In Interdiction of Ramon Sperandeo, No. 2011 CA 2380, the First Circuit Court of Appeal modified a trial court’s ruling that a daughter who had attempted to interdict her father should be reimbursed part of her attorney’s fees and costs. After a health crisis, her 80 year old father had difficulty caring for himself and his estate. Susan, his daughter, persuaded the trial court to render a judgment of temporary interdiction. At the hearing 7 months later on the permanent interdiction, Mr. Sperandeo had sufficiently recovered that the trial court thought him capable of handling his affairs and dismissed his daughter’s case. The trial court awarded Susan part of her fees and costs since she had won part of her case. The Court of Appeal reversed the award of attorney’s fees as unauthorized by La. C.C. P. art. 4550. It affirmed the trial court’s award to her of her costs.