Nightmare on Winbourne Avenue- Child Custody and Drunk Driving

On Friday, March 21, 2014, Baton Rouge police officers arrested a man for drunk driving after he was involved in a crash on Winbourne Avenue. His speech was slurred, he was unsteady, he was holding an alcoholic beverage in his hand, and his three month old child was in the car without a car seat.  This is every mother’s nightmare. 

What do you do when your child’s father endangers your child’s life? 

  • If you’re still married and living together, you should give some serious thought to leaving until your spouse reforms.  Whether you separate at this point or are already divorcing, this kind of irresponsible behavior should be addressed immediately. 
  • If you have a custody and visitation order in place, you should discuss modifying it with your lawyer while your spouse undergoes treatment for alcohol abuse.  Supervised visitation may be indicated as well as termination of overnight visits. 

These parents were lucky.  The infant does not appear to have been injured.  There should be no second chance for that to happen.  Parents who drink and drive their children around town should have their custodial rights limited, if not terminated. Child custody and drunk driving should not mix.