Stay Out of The Rough: Dividing the Country Club Membership in Divorce

Country club memberships in Louisiana can be expensive. What do you do if you and your soon to be ex-husband belong to a Louisiana country club but you never want to see him again? Can you force him to leave the club so that you can golf, swim, and play tennis with some peace of mind? Dividing the country club membership in divorce can be tricky, and here are some tips to help you figure this out.

The first place to look for the answer is in the terms and conditions of your club membership. When you and your husband became members, you undoubtedly agreed to abide by the club’s rules. Those rules may contain a way to break a tie between the two of you concerning who may continue as a member and who may not.

For example, a club’s rules might provide that the club will abide by a court’s order concerning who is to continue as a member. If the club’s rules are silent on the question, you will have to obtain the right to be the sole member either through negotiation with your spouse or by formal partition through the court.

One solution might be to demand that your spouse, if he wants to keep the membership, pay you for the cost of a membership at a comparable club. Before you agree to that you should find out whether there is a comparable club that will admit you as a member. Remember also that there are membership dues that must be paid. You should make sure you have enough not only to pay the initial investment but also to pay the future costs of participation.