Let the Little Children – Duties of Foster Parents in Louisiana

Christians will recall Jesus’ instructions to his disciples to let the little children come to Him. Some Christians today are taking that instruction to heart. The March 29, 2014 edition of The Advocate featured a family three of whose five children came to them through the local foster care system in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Ganieres, devout Christians, have also launched a non-profit aimed “at encouraging more Christians to open their hearts and homes to children in temporary need of families.”  This wonderful calling, however, has legal implications.

In Louisiana, foster parents must undergo rigorous scrutiny by the State before they may take children into their care.  They must agree to certain terms and conditions.  In additition to the legal duties of foster parents in Louisiana, they must be capable of nurturing children in stressful times, both physically and emotionally. Equally important is the ability to let those children return to their parents or relatives when foster care is no longer required.  In some limited circumstances, foster care may provide opportunities for adoption.

Before you decide to foster a child, you should carefully consider the legal and emotional obligations you are undertaking.  A family lawyer can help you make the determination whether or not you should become a foster parent.