When Johnny Can’t Earn a Living – When Does Louisiana Child Support End?

A high school diploma and mortarboard for this students achievements.

Young people often graduate from high school without skills that enable them to earn a living. Although they have reached the “age of majority” at 18, they are adults in name only.

In Louisiana, your obligation for child support terminates when your child reaches 18 years of age (unless she is still in high school but not yet 19).  However, although your legal obligation may terminate, it is often in your best interest to continue to contribute to her education.

Community colleges, such as the River Parishes Community College in Ascension Parish, scheduled to open August 18, 2014, provide good value for your tuition dollar. Young adults can learn job skills that will help them leave the nest with a place to go.  A child with a good job will provide a better return to you financially than the money you might save by terminating all support.