Patient Heal Thyself – Health Care in Louisiana Affects Child Support

Boy using inhaler – respiratory system illness

This past legislative session, Louisiana lawmakers expressed concerns over the potential insolvency of the Office of Group Benefits’ reserve account for health insurance benefits for state workers, retirees, and their families was reported in the Advocate, May 22, 2014.

Increasing the cost to employees and retirees is one option that could improve the fund’s health as is reducing certain benefits.  In Louisiana, your child support obligation includes the payment of your share of the child’s health care.  If there is health insurance, your share is a pro-rated portion of the health insurance premium.  Be aware that if the cost of the child’s health insurance increases or the child’s insured benefits decrease, your support obligation may go up.

The high cost of health insurance is something that you should discuss with your lawyer as you get close to the date on which your support obligations will be determined.