Tug of War Love – Understanding Abortion Law In Louisiana

close up of woman hands hiding pregnancy test from man

The Louisiana legislature has enacted a law that limits abortion access.  Doctors who perform abortions must now have hospital privileges at hospitals within a certain geographical distance of their clinics.  Many doctors who perform abortions do not have hospital practices.  According to the May 23, 2014 edition of The Advocate, 3 and perhaps 4 of Louisiana’s 5 abortion clinics may close, significantly limiting some women’s ability to obtain one.  In Louisiana, what rights does a husband have who wishes to prevent his wife from aborting their child?

On the one hand, the United States Supreme Court has recognized that abortion is a constitutional right (although it can be regulated and restricted depending on the age of the unborn child and concerns for the mother’s health).  On the other, a father has contributed to the creation of the child and arguably has certain paternal rights from the moment of its conception.  Those rights, if there are any, may be argued to increase as the pregnancy nears its term.  If you are the father of an unborn child and you disagree with your wife or partner’s intent to abort it, seek legal counsel immediately so you can find out your options under abortion law in Louisiana.