What’s Cooking? Parental Rights After Divorce

Cute boy eating a apple or hamburger. Focus on the apple and hamburger. Isolated on a white background

In the June 23, 2014 edition of People, a happy Honey Boo Boo Thompson frolics in a swimming pool looking pleasantly plump in her two piece swim suit.  Obesity in children is a hot topic these days with public schools responding by imposing health foods, relatively speaking, on parents and children who had been content with tater tots, fish sticks, and catsup.

What are your parental rights after divorce? What do you do if your “ex” allows your children to gorge on fried mayonnaise sticks at their house?

Can you control what your child eats and drinks once they are in the custody of your former spouse?

In Louisiana, chances are that the answer is “no” unless there is a significant health or moral issue involved.  During marriage, children’s diets are a reflection of their parents’ combined opinions concerning what tastes good and what is good for you.  After divorce, each spouse has, within sensible limits, the right to determine what’s for dinner.