You & Me, Should Baby Make Three? Having Children Outside of Marriage.

A cute little girl with her parents in the background.

Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child with boyfriend Scott Disick.  According to People magazine’s June 23, 2014 edition, she “always wanted a big family with Scott”.  That she apparently is content with a “big family” without marriage should be no surprise.

Having children outside of marriage is more common than it was decades ago for a variety of reasons.  Why bother getting married in a society that no longer frowns upon illegimate births and pre-marital cohabitation?

In Louisiana, the law confers certain obligations as well as privileges on married people.  Those obligations and privileges are the fabric that often holds parents together through difficult times.  That cohesion provides a safety net for children who might otherwise be without the stability that a permanent relationship between their parents can provide.

Conceiving a child is serious business.   Before  you do, think about the legal and moral obligations that come with parenthood.