A Parent’s Obligation When a Child Commits a Crime

teen male portrait wearing handcuffs

The 1956 movie, The Bad Seed, terrified viewers with its contrast between the innocent beauty of childhood and the evil of murder without remorse. Likewise, the August 18, 2014 edition of People reviews a book about a similarly horrifying crime – the stabbing murder by two 16-year-old honor students of their best friend.

What is a parent’s obligation when a child commits a crime?   Can the parent abandon the child to the criminal justice system? In Louisiana, the obligation of a parent to support a minor child is almost unconditional. The child whose parents have refused to support him while he or she is in jail would have a right of action against them for child support. The State acting in its capacity as the custodian might have standing to seek support from the parents of an incarcerated minor. If you have a child who is incorrigible or in jail, seek legal counsel concerning your continued duties of support.