Divorce and Disarmament -Louisiana Divorce Law and Claims of Abuse

Conflict couple. Problems in family. Divorce between man and woman

“Domestic violence” has a homey ring to it. How bad can it be if it is domestic?

Crimes of violence committed in a home by one partner or family member against another may appear to be less reprehensible than similarly brutal crimes committed on the street by one stranger against another. Cruelty, anger, jealousy, and resentment often fester within families. Perhaps we instinctively understand why those dark emotions occasionally explode into physical abuse.

The law has long recognized a distinction between murder in cold and murder in hot blood. Nevertheless, domestic violence is a crime. In Louisiana divorce law, it is soon to be a ground for the victim to obtain an immediate divorce. The perpetrator loses more than just a marriage. He or she can be banned from possessing a firearm for ten years.

If your spouse has accused you of domestic violence, see a lawyer immediately. Do not try to represent yourself and do not agree to an order that you are an abuser without legal counsel. You may find yourself sitting in a deer stand with pebbles and a slingshot.