North by West – Understanding Child Support In Louisiana

The Louvre Museum and the labyrinth in Paris city.

North West’s first birthday was lavish according to the July 7, 2014 edition of US Weekly. There were 150 guests at Aunt Kourtney’s $8.5 million mansion in Calabasas, California. There were teepees for hair braiding, there was face painting, there was a ferris wheel and a huge bouncy house. The price tag for the party was not reported but was probably more than many people earn in a lifetime.

Suppose that Kim and Kanye West, North’s parents, divorce?

How do courts decide what amount should be paid as child support when the parents are very wealthy?

In Louisiana, courts may consider many factors including the lifestyle to which the child has become accustomed. A child of rich parents is entitled to more than what it would take to feed, clothe, transport, educate, and provide for the medical needs of a more ordinary youngster. If a child is accustomed to ferris wheels at her birthday parties, trips to Europe on private jets, and mink tennis shoes, a court in Louisiana has the discretion to ensure that those perks continue – provided of course that her parents can still afford them.