Plastics – Who Pays Your Credit Card Debt When You Divorce?

Set of color credit cards isolated on white background

In the movie The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s character is advised to go into the field of plastics.  As unromantic as it seemed, it was good advice at the time. Plastic is everywhere – even in divorce.

Many divorcing couples use plastic as revenge. A wife who knows she is being left behind may charge up the family cards to buy things she knows she will need in her new residence.  A husband who is between paychecks may use plastic to pay his lawyer.

Who Pays Your Credit Card Debt When You Divorce?

Almost all of those plastic chickens will come home to roost, however, in one chicken coop or another. If the charges are community debts (e.g. an attorney’s fee in a divorce proceeding), both spouses are responsible for them. If the charges are the separate debt of the charging spouse (e.g. a trip to the Bahamas with the paramour), the one who had the fun must pay.

Be careful what you spend your credit on in the last days of your marriage. If you have any doubts about who will pay that bill, consult with a divorce lawyer.

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