The End of the Gravy Train – Divorce and the Non-Working Wife

Thoughtful and sad woman portrait.

Non-working wives are particularly vulnerable in divorce whether they belong to the Country Club of Louisiana or eat at Wendy’s on the weekends. They often lack marketable skills. They often lack knowledge of the family finances.

Divorce and the Non-Working Wife

Divorce for these women is particularly difficult. They may find themselves with no cash, no credit, and no lawyer.  Wealthy women have an advantage in these circumstances. Their lawyers can obtain an advance against the community property to cover expenses such as attorney’s fees and living expenses. Less well to do women must rely on the kindness of family and friends.

In either case, however, the lesson that each should learn is that there is no free lunch. All women should be prepared to go it alone for some period of time. How they prepare depends on their circumstances.

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