What Do You Do If You Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Money?

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It is easy not to pay attention when you are in love. Love is blind. Love is also deaf and dumb. Divorce gets your attention. Unfortunately, by the time you are alert, important information about your marital property may have disappeared into an electronic graveyard.  If the monetary stakes are high enough it may be necessary for you to hire a forensic accountant.

What Do You Do If You Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Money?

Forensic accountants are skilled in following the money trails back to their sources. They can use income tax returns and their schedules, bank accounts, and other financial information to reconstruct the economic history of a marriage.  If necessary, they can use reverse accounting to calculate what it took to maintain you and your spouse in the styles to which you had become accustomed.

Forensic accountants are very expensive, however.  It is much more economical to open your eyes and ears early.  Pay attention to where your money comes from and where it goes. Make copies of statements of your assets.  If those documents are online, ask for access to them.  If your spouse refuses to give it to you, consult with a lawyer.

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