Beware of Effect of Overtime Pay on Your Child Support Calculation

Overtime red stamp text on white

Many people in the greater Baton Rouge area work in the plants up and down the river.  They may work directly for Shell or Motiva or they may work for contractors who provide services to larger companies. There are often overtime opportunities in those jobs.

A man or woman can significantly increase his or her income by working more than 40 hours a week and by working on weekends and holidays. Overtime, however, is never a sure thing. One year, you might make $100,000 and the next year, you might make $50,000.  Even regular time is not guaranteed.  No one is safe from a reduction in force or from his employer’s financial failure.

When you talk to your lawyer about child support or about spousal support, tell him how much of your income is due to overtime so he can figure out the effect of overtime on your child support calculation. Also, be sure to let your lawyer know if your job security is at risk due to a change in company ownership, management, or finances.  Remember that your ability to work more than 40 hours a week may change drastically with divorce and shared custody.  Planning ahead for change will help you adjust to what will be a difficult emotional and financial experience.