Calculating Child Support: Tips for Parents in Baton Rouge

Whether you live in Ascension Parish or East Baton Rouge Parish – whether you are a man or a woman – if you are divorcing with children you are worried about child support.  You may have questions about calculating child support. How much will your child support payment be?  If your spouse does not work, will he or she have to share in the expense of raising the children anyway?

Understanding the answers to these questions is a little easier if you remember that whether you make or receive the child support payment, the money is for your children’s benefit.  For that reason, the forms that you and your lawyer will use to calculate the child support include both parents’ incomes, not just the income of the parent who does not have the most custody.

Even if one spouse does not work or has quit her job to avoid paying support, income will be attributed to her based on her work experience and work capacity. Because courts use those forms to calculate what you owe or will receive, it is extremely important that you provide your lawyer with all of the earnings information that he requests as soon as possible.  Providing yourlawyer with complete and accurate information is the key to a fair child support result.