I Don’t Think I Do… Understanding the Covenant of Marriage

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The July 14, 2014 edition of US Weekly listed 25 stars who called off their engagement.  Included in the list were celebrities like Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Aretha Franklin.  No reasons for any of the decisions not to say “I do” were provided.

Marriage, however, in Louisiana as elsewhere, is an emotional, psychological, and financial commitment.  There is a good reason why marriage is called an “institution”.  Once you are in it, it can be difficult to leave.

Some faiths, such as Roman Catholicism, require couples who wish to marry in the church to attend pre-marriage counseling.  The purpose of such counseling is to impress upon the couple that marriage is serious business and to respect the covenant of marriage.  If you are thinking about getting married for the first time, you may want to speak with an attorney about the legal obligations that you are about to undertake.


Creation Myth – Understanding Divorce and Child Custody In Louisiana

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It’s “very sexual” said a confidant of Khloe’ Kardashian and French Montana’s six month relationship according to the July 21, 2014 edition of US Weekly.  The same article reports that Ms. Kardashian’s goal is to “get pregnant – soon”.  She hopes to “reform” Montana, a “former drug dealer”, although whether his transformation is expected to precede or follow parenthood was not disclosed.

The birth of a child is a life changing event, but the changes that each parent undergoes are not always the ones you would expect – or desire.  Whether you are a man or a woman, do not assume that the birth of a child will change your sow’s ear into a silk purse. When expectations are not met this often lead to divorce.  Understanding child custody and divorce law in Louisiana may be something to consider.

Beware of Baring All – What Can Lead to Divorce in Louisiana

“Dating Naked” is a “new series” starting July 17 according to the July 21, 2014 edition of US Weekly. The sub-caption for the advertisement suggests “Let it all hang out.” The show’s premise seems to be that nude dating has advantages over more traditional dating modes.

However, nudity, like outlandish dress, is more distracting than informing.

A good way to prevent divorce is to make a sound choice in a mate. Good choices depend on good information. Whether you are thinking about marriage for the first time or are an old hand, beware of prospects who hide behind sensational behavior. Making good decisions now so you won’t have to file for divorce in Louisiana later on.

Tired of Your Spouses Immodest Behavior – Is it Time for Divorce?

In 2011, Kim Kardashian posted herself in a very small  black bikini.  The June 30, 2014 edition of US Weekly published Kim’s tweet next to a photograph of Game of Thrones’ Daenerys.  Both women are less than fully clothed although Ms. Clarke’s costume was modest in comparison.

Millions of men undoubtedly spent time carefully considering each woman’s physical appearance.  Joe Dimaggio’s dislike of Marilyn Monroe’s public exposure may have contributed to their separation and divorce.

If your wife exhibits herself to the known world wearing a few handkerchiefs, can you do anything about it?

In Louisiana, a spouse’s immodesty may constitute cruel treatment if it is outrageous and the other spouse has made his feelings known.

However, the spouse’s state of dress (or undress) will probably be evaluated in the context of society’s expectations.  What is immodest in Winnfield might be acceptable in New Orleans.

You may want to consult a lawyer if you you believe your spouse’s attire is more than she should bare.


Your Spouse has Skeletons in the Closet. Is that a Reason for Divorce?

Lea Michele’s new boyfriend reportedly has a scandalous past.  Matthew Paetz, according to the June 30, 2014 edition of US Weekly, was a $350 per hour Cowboys4Angels escort.

What can you do if your new husband (or wife) is not the person you thought they were?

Is that grounds or reason for divorce?

Louisiana, like many other states, does not condition divorce on fault.  If you are disappointed in love, you may simply live apart for a fixed period of time.  That period of separation entitles you to divorce no matter how good or bad your soon to be “ex” was before marriage.  Although a divorce may be relatively easy to obtain, however, marriage has legal consequences.  Before you leap, take a close look at your companion.  Make sure your infatuation is more than just skin deep.

You & Me, Should Baby Make Three? Having Children Outside of Marriage.

A cute little girl with her parents in the background.

Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child with boyfriend Scott Disick.  According to People magazine’s June 23, 2014 edition, she “always wanted a big family with Scott”.  That she apparently is content with a “big family” without marriage should be no surprise.

Having children outside of marriage is more common than it was decades ago for a variety of reasons.  Why bother getting married in a society that no longer frowns upon illegimate births and pre-marital cohabitation?

In Louisiana, the law confers certain obligations as well as privileges on married people.  Those obligations and privileges are the fabric that often holds parents together through difficult times.  That cohesion provides a safety net for children who might otherwise be without the stability that a permanent relationship between their parents can provide.

Conceiving a child is serious business.   Before  you do, think about the legal and moral obligations that come with parenthood.

The Tie That Binds – Is Louisiana Covenant Marriage Right for You?

According to the April 9, 2014 edition of The Advocate, the Louisiana legislature is studying how covenant marriages are faring in Louisiana.

A Louisiana covenant marriage is one that requires couples to make certain legal commitments and assume certain legal liabilities that couples who enter into a non-covenant marriage do not make or assume.  In general it is more difficult and time consuming to dissolve a covenant marriage by divorce than to dissolve a non-covenant marriage. Not surprisingly, the legislature learned that although covenant marriages make up a “tiny fraction” of Louisiana marriages, they suffer from a much smaller divorce rate.  It goes without saying that if you make something difficult to do, people will tend not to do it.  Likewise, if a couple knows before marriage that they are choosing a tie that binds them more tightly together, they are more likely to persevere when times are tough.

The lower divorce rate in covenant marriages is a good thing from a societal standpoint.  The old adage “two heads are better than one” is true whether you are talking about solving problems, supporting and raising children, saving for retirement, or just paying your bills.  But restrictions on the fast food of status changes make some people uncomfortable.  We don’t like the law telling us that we cannot divorce our husbands and wives at will.

What should you do if your fiancé proposes that you enter into a covenant marriage?  On the one hand, your prospects for a long and relatively happy married life may improve.  On the other hand, if you want out, it won’t be as easy.  Your initial reaction to his or her suggestion of a covenant marriage may be an indication of your true feelings.  If you don’t like the idea, that could be a sign of trouble ahead.  Prenuptial agreements, like covenant marriages, test the happily engaged couple’s resolve.  If you have doubts, consult with an attorney before you make a decision on either of these important issues.