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Take This Job and Shove It- Will Quitting Your Job Reduce Child Support?

Quit Letter

Was the name of a country song about a man who had tired of his employment and decided to move on. The artist apparently had only one job. What happens if you have two jobs to make ends meet for your family?

If your wife leaves you, is child support calculated based upon your noble decision to put in 60 hours per week so they have everything they need? In general, the answer is “no”. Louisiana courts do not expect you to sacrifice body and soul to continue to support a family that is no longer intact. They do, however, expect you to live up to your earning potential.

Will Quitting Your Job Reduce Child Support?

If you are making $200 a week as a self-employed face painter working 50 hours Monday through Saturday, a court is likely to take a dim view of your deciding to work 40 hours at the same job making $160. Many spouses who have sacrificed to take care of their families find that separation and divorce only add to their economic woes. They must make the difficult choice between working to maintain the style to which their families have become accustomed and making time to be with their children instead of their jobs.

Talk to your lawyer about these issues. They may not be legal issues but they are problems that your family lawyer can help you solve, even if he or she cannot make them go away.

What Our Clients Say
I highly recommend Louis
I hired Louis to represent me in my custody battle. From the start he was upfront and honest with me, if he said he was going to do something he did it and he never attempted to settle for anything less than what I was asking. He was not afraid to go head to head with opposing counsel which is what we ended up having to do. Thanks to Louis and his experience and knowledge of family law we won our case. I highly recommend Louis and will always use him for my future family Court needs.
Brilliant Mind and Excellent Communication
I had no idea how to even look for an attorney when I found myself needing one. Mr. Cosenza is the best attorney I have encountered, and I took a lot of time finding one. He is brilliant in matters of the law. He approached my case from every angle. I am so thankful he was my attorney. I started out knowing absolutely nothing about court related matters. He answered even my smallest questions and guided me through to understand what was best for me and my children. He was excellent in communication with quick replies. He will have all of my recommendations.
Attorney Cosenza at his craft
My journey with Mr. Cosenza began nearly 3 years ago when I contacted him about divorce proceedings. During our initial consultation he told me exactly what to expect and we discussed cost, which I thought reasonable. After retaining him as my attorney and finalizing my divorce, things became fairly intense during the negotiation of the property settlement; yet he was relentless and tenacious. In the end, we prevailed victorious and everything came together perfectly. Attorney Cosenza always responded in a timely manner to my many calls, emails and texts. He gave clear, detailed, rational explanations of what I could expect. His work on my case has been life changing, in the best way possible. I am forever in his debt.
He does his very best
Working with Louis Cosenza truly helped to make my very difficult emotional and legal situation feel much more comfortable as I knew his experience and expertise was there to support and guide me. He knows the law and he does his very best to use that knowledge to represent his clients in and out of the courtroom.
Hands down the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer
I would like to start by saying I am from TX and my ex wife tried to file a judgment in LA. I contacted a number of lawyers that explained to me that this maybe a process that they could look into. I spoke with Mr. Cosenza with his 30 plus year of experience and he assured me this was not going to be a issue. He was very informative on the proceedings that where going to take place. He couldn’t have called it any better. There wasn’t even a need for me to travel to show in court. It is definitely worth a little extra to hire one of the best. I hope I hope won’t be needing his help again but if I do need another lawyer in LA. I won’t hesitate to contact him and he will be my lawyer again.